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What can we make for you?

One year for Christmas, all the gifts my children received were gift cards.  My friends and family had no idea what would make us smile so they opted for gift cards.  Like so many other Americans, we all have so many wonderful gifts and treasures, it is very hard to find a gift for those people that we care about.  We want to give a heart felt token to a friend on their birthday, for a wedding, for the holidays, for the birth of a child, a house warming or holiday – but most of us don’t need any more “stuff”.  Gift cards are any easy “out”. 
At The Ant and The Grasshopper, we want to make gift giving fun again.  We want you to be super excited about the gift you are giving.  We help you to create gifts (or we can make gifts for you) that you will be excited to give.  Have you ever been so excited about giving a gift to someone because you knew how much they were going to love it?  Were you ever so excited to give a gift that you brought it over early or asked your friend to open it in front of your because you were so excited to see that gift being received?  That’s the fun of gift giving that we love to bring you.   You can help create the gift or we can make it for you.  When you leave with a giant smile, super excited to share this gift, we have done our job right.  That’s why you want to let us create a gift for you.  Because we make gift giving fun again.